Original U.S. Exquisite Presentation Model 1860 Army Staff and Field Officer Sword with Etched Blade by Shannon, Miller & Crane, NYC, N.Y.

Item Description

Original Item: One Of A Kind: Beautiful Presentation Grade Model 1860 Staff and Field Officer’s Sword by the firm of Shannon, Miller & Crane of New York City, New York. Dating the Model 1860 Staff and Field Officer’s Sword is difficult as they were made from 1860-1900. Generally, the best way to date the sword is either by maker or the blade used on the sword itself. Shannon, Miller & Crane operated 1867-1896, which doesn't help much. However, elliptical double-edged blades are the earliest, which is what our example has.

The blade is handsomely hand engraved, with a federal eagle on the left side of the blade. Military and floral engraved motifs are present on both sides of the blade. On the right side of the blade are etched initials: T.F.S., we have not conducted any research on these initials. The possibilities would be far too great.

The Sword hilt and handle is brass, with the handle having a separate wrap done in tortoise shell with a brass wire wrap. Due to the time period, we believe this may be celluloid, which can deteriorate over time, as this wrapping has. The handle does have some cracking present which is expected of a sword this age, and the material used. Scabbard is nickeled with filigree brass furniture.

Sword Measurements:
Blade Length: 33”
Handle Length: 6”
Total Length: 39 ½”
Scabbard Length: 33 ½”

The overall condition is excellent. There is verdigris on some of the fittings and handle, which is expected. There is however some tarnishing to the blade, towards the tip, but nothing major.

This is a very handsome sword which is a must have for the collector of 19th Century U.S. Militaria.

The 1860 Staff & Field Officer’s Sword was more a badge of rank than a useful weapon, and many field grade officers on campaign during the Civil War held onto the more battle-worthy 1850 Staff & Field Officer’s sword. Nonetheless, the Model 1860 endured. In 1872 it was adopted for all Army officers except medical officers, paymasters and mounted officers, the latter being equipped with the then new 1872 cavalry officer’s saber. In some post-1872 publications, the sword is often referred to as the “Foot & Staff Officer’s Sword” or the “Staff & Line Officer’s Sword”. The sword was eventually replaced by the Model 1902 Officer's Saber.

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