Original U.S. Evans 1877 New Model .44 Caliber Repeating Carbine Serial L 335 - 28 Round Magazine

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Original Item: One Only. Invented by Warren R. Evans of Thomaston, Maine production started in 1873 by "Evans Rifle Manufacturing Company of Mechanic Falls, Maine." Only 15,000 Evans firearms were manufactured in a six year period and then the company declared bankruptcy in 1879, a victim of the Post Civil War arms industry glut and stiff competition.

The amazing thing about the Evans system was the THIRTY FOUR round tubular magazine housed in the butt. If the Spencer was said to be the carbine you loaded on Sunday and shot all week, the Evans you could shoot for a whole month! It worked on the Archimedean screw theory of four separate ammunition channels, which revolved each time the lever was activate and the gun reloaded. It appeared it was a certainty for Military approval but the system was non accepted based on interference from accumulated dust. The original caliber was .44" and the cartridges were were approximately one inch long, referred to as ".44 Evans short."

Several models were produced, known to collectors as the "Old Model", the "Transitional Model," and the "New Model". The old model had no lower stock on the butt, which made the rifle difficult to hold and aim. The transitional model introduced a butt stock and new butt plate. Requests for a more powerful cartridge led to the development of the "New Model", which fired a longer .44" cartridge called the ".44 New Model", which was 1 1/2 inches long. Due to the longer cartridge, the magazine capacity was reduced from 34 to 28 rounds. A dust cover for the ejection port was also introduced, to avoid dirt getting into the magazine.

The majority of Evans repeaters produced were of the "New Model", and around 4000 carbines with the 22" round barrel were produced.

The barrel on this example is marked:


This carbine is in nice condition, and has has a lovely patina of age. We only gave it a light cleaning and it really looks nice, probably the best example we have ever seen. The bluing on the barrel is still strong, and the finish on the cast receiver is lovely as well. The stocks show the lovely dark red brown color of aged and oiled walnut, and show some light wear and minor damage such as small chips, dings, and gouges.

The action functions well with a crisp dry fire, and you can see the rotating magazine through the ejection port. The action has very little slop, and we did not notice any of the usual finicky action we see from this type of firing system. The loading door on the rear of the butt stock opens easily. The butt plate is marked with what we believe is serial number L / 335.

The bore is in very good condition, with strong lands and grooves, and a mostly bright finish. There is just a bit of overall oxidation in the grooves, and a spot of fouling near the end of the barrel. It is definitely the best bore we have seen on one of these rare carbines. The rear sight is present with an intact sight slider, and the front sight looks to be original, though the blade may have been replaced. Both sling swivels are both present and move easily. 

We have only had a few of these before, and this is by far the best. A great example of a rare piece of U.S. Firearms history!


Years of Manufacture: 1870s
Caliber: .44 Evans "New Model"
Ammunition Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 22 inches
Overall Length: 39 1/2 inches
Action: Lever Action
Feed System: 28 Rotating Round Tube Magazine

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