Original U.S. Colt Gatling Gun Model 1897 .30-06 Caliber Bruce Feed

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The most popular feed mechanism for the Gatling in US Army service was the Bruce Feed. It was a feed mechanism which was easily loaded from standard 20-round ammunition boxes, and easily allowed continuous fire. The reason for this is that the Bruce device could be topped up with 20 rounds or so of ammo already in it, thus giving the loader plenty of time. Gatlings could not maintain fire while changing box magazines.

Early Bruce feed mechanisms were made to fit guns originally designed for box magazines, but later productions guns were made specifically for the device, as it because the standard order for the US military. It would remain the preferred feed mechanism right up to the end of the military use of the gun, including the models in .30-40 and .30-06 calibers.

This is an original U.S. military issue .30-06 caliber Bruce feed offered in excellent fully functional condition.

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