Original U.S. Cold War Era Mk 89 Mod 1 INERT 56 Pound Practice Bomb

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a totally inert example of the Mk 89 practice bomb series and is in compliance with the current BATF guidelines on inert ordnance. This is a practice bomb and was never intended to hold explosive content, nor can it be rendered “live” again. Not Available For Export.

The practice bomb Mk 89 Mod 1 is a low-drag sub-caliber practice bomb, similar in shape to the low-drag series of general purpose service bombs. The cast iron body is slender with a long, semi pointed nose. The conical fin assembly is of welded sheet metal or cast aluminum-magnesium construction. This fin assembly is aluminum and not welded sheet metal. The tail fins are canted 2 degrees to impart spin to the bomb.

The bomb weighs just under 56 pounds at 54.45 Pounds with a length of 31 ½”. Much of the original orange paint is present with stenciling somewhat present in white paint. This practice bomb shows signs of use with possible repaint after a certain number of “drops”. There is no significant damage present and both mounting lugs are still present.

Comes more than ready for display!

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