Original U.S. Cold War Era Inert Plastic Type Offensive With M207A1 Fuze Assembly - “Riot Control”

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a wonderful example of an Offensive Grenade that would have been used to suppress and disperse rioting and similar activities. The grenade itself is totally inert and in complete compliance with the current standards governing inert ordnance. This device was never intended to be used as a destructive device nor can it be converted to one.

Not Available For Export.

There are no markings on the grenade body, making identification extremely difficult. Due to its construction and appearance, it is our belief that this is some type of offensive grenade, used to minimize friendly casualties as well as to produce minimal fragmentation. The M207A1 fuse is in good condition with legible markings on the top and is complete with the spoon and handle.

A lovely example that comes ready to be identified, researched and displayed.

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