Original U.S. Cold War Era Inert 250 Pound M-124 Practice Bomb With Fuze

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This bomb is totally inert and deactivated following guidelines provided by the ATF. This example is offered in excellent condition with a lovely OD Green repaint. It cannot be converted to an explosive device and is not available for export.

This bomb is an air dropped, impact initiated, signal generating practice bomb used to train aircrews.

Practice bomb M124 has a streamlined body equipped with a conical tail fin to provide good aerodynamic stability when dropped from high speed aircraft. This bomb is carried on internal racks in bombardment aircraft operating at high speed and/or high altitude. It is not authorized for external carriage. It is shipped and stored empty, but is filled with an inert filler consisting of 156 pounds of gravel and 35.1 pounds of concrete sand immediately prior to use. Normally, complete rounds are assembled as they are used.

The internal design of the bomb includes a small, hollow steel tube which runs lengthwise through the center of the bomb. It extends from the fuze well in the nose to the closing-cap adapter at the aft end. The tube is closed at the aft end with a cork or polyethylene shipping plug. This tube carries the primacord igniter from the nose fuze well back to the spotting charge in the tail fin when the bomb is assembled for use.

The example is void of any internal weighted filling, and we have not disassembled the practice bomb to inspect the interior, we cannot confirm that the inner tube is present. The top of the bomb is equipped with an inert AN-M110A1 Nose Impact Fuse.

The impact nose fuzes of this type are vane operated and delay armed. They act to detonate the bomb instantaneously upon impact.

Although very similar in external appearance, the AN-M110A1 differs in numerous features from the AN-M158.

The AN-M110 and AN-M126 are identical in both construction and operation. The only difference is that the booster is eliminated from the AN-M126A1. Instead of the booster, a steel cylinder, having the same dimensions as the booster, is screwed into the base of the fuze body. This steel cylinder contains an enlarged firing train consisting of primer, upper detonator, and lower detonator, which is seated against the tetryl burster of the chemical bombs.

The original designs, M110 and M126, had more teeth on the gears, and consequently required 570 vane revolutions to arm. They also had three safety blocks, each 120° segments, and the arming sleeve fitted in a groove in the blocks in the unarmed position, preventing them from falling out. The original designs also had larger vanes.

If the striker head is flush with the fuze body, the fuze is in a fired condition. In such condition, the striker should not be pulled away from the fuze, as the firing pin is sensitive and withdrawal might create sufficient friction to ignite the primer.

This is a lovely example of a practice bomb that is rarely seen in complete assembled condition such as this one.

Comes more than ready for display!

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