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Original U.S. Civil War Type II M1855 Yataghan Sword Bayonet

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a lovely example of the sword bayonet designed for use with the .58 caliber M1855 Percussion Rifle. It was also used with later M1841 "Mississippi" Rifles that were rebored to .58 caliber and altered with a bayonet lug that did not incorporate a guide.

The Type II bayonet used a stud with a guide on the barrel of the rifle to attach the bayonet to the barrel. The bayonet’s hilt was cut to accept the one-inch stud guide. The blade has a stopped fuller, and all examples of the Type II bayonet have a C guard. Harper’s Ferry production reports for FY 1854 show that 1,639 sword bayonets for rifles, stud with guide attachment, and 40 musicians bayonets were produced at the armory. During FY 1855, 3,179 Type II bayonets were produced for a total production of 4,858 bayonets.

The rifle modified for the Type II bayonet was affixed with the Screw Adjustment Rear Sight or a Soldered-on Slide Adjustment Rear Sight. The front band of the rifle was replaced with a shorter band made to clear the bayonet stud on removal. The stud with guide was brazed to the barrel, and an iron-tipped ramrod cupped for the conical bullet was used. The Type II alteration is found in both .54 and .58 calibers.

This example is in excellent condition. There is minor peppering and staining to the blade, but there appears to be no extensive damage present. The ricasso is unmarked. The lovely brass hilt has some minor scratching present but that’s expected with a service used bayonet that is almost 200 years old. There are no markings on the handle, pommel or crossguard.

This is a lovely example that would display wonderfully in an early Civil War collection!

Blade Length: 22 ¼”
Blade Style: Single Edged Saber style
Overall length: 27”
Crossguard: 3 ¾”

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