Original U.S. Civil War Starr Arms Co. 1858 Double Action .44 Caliber Percussion Army Revolver- Serial No 16192

Item Description

Original Item: A Starr revolver (Starr DA) is a double-action revolver that was used in the western theater of the American Civil War until the U.S. Ordnance Department persuaded the Starr Arms Co. to create a single-action variant after discontinuation of the Colt. The price paid by the U.S. government for the DA army revolver was $25 (equivalent to $475 in 2014 inflation dollars).

This .44 caliber, 6" barrel, serial number 16192. Serial number is matched on the frame and cylinder. Example is fully functional in overall very good condition. The wood grips are excellent with matched cartouche inspector stamps, fine tight action, minimal pitting and has multiple clear markings, this is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

Manufacture: 1863

Caliber: 44 Percussion

Chambers: 6 Shot revolver.

Metal Condition: Very Good.

Wood Condition: Excellent.

Bore Condition: Bright and shiny with strong rifling.

Barrel: 6 Inch round with sights.

Triggers: Single for single and double action.

Stock: Walnut.

Weight: 2 LBS 13 OZ.

Sights: V notch hammer rear sight, Blade front

Markings include-

• Serial number 16192 found on both the frame and cylinder!
• STARR ARMS, Co. NEW YORK found on left side of frame.
• STARR PATENT JAN 16, 1856 found on right side of frame.

Generally there are three models of Starr revolvers:

1863 Single Action .44 Caliber Percussion Army Revolver (produced 1863-1864) [23000 produced]

1858 Double Action .36 Caliber Percussion Navy Revolver (produced 1859-1860) [3000 produced]

1858 Double Action .44 Caliber Percussion Army Revolver (produced 1862-1863) [~21454 produced]

History of the STARR ARMS COMPANY Revolver-

About 23,000 double-action Starr revolvers were manufactured in the late 1850s and early 1860s. Of these, most were purchased by the U.S. Army. Starr revolvers, in both single-and double-action models, represented over 12 percent of the sidearms issued to Union cavalry troops. Only Colt and Remington revolvers were more frequently encountered in the hands of Northern soldiers.

One of the earliest American double-action revolvers, this six-shot revolver has a six-inch round barrel rifled with six grooves. Over-all length is 11 5/8 inches, weight is two pounds 12 ounces, and the cylinder is 1 7/8 inches long. These revolvers have a steel blade front sight dovetailed into the barrel. A V-notch cut into the hammer lip serves as a rear sight. The Starr revolver is provided with a knurled screw on the right side of the frame which, when removed, allows the barrel to tip downwards on its hinged frame so that the cylinder can be removed.

Starr revolvers were invented by Eben Townsend Starr of New York City, grandson of Nathan Starr and son of Nathan Starr, Jr., famous U. S. swordmakers and riflemakers of Middletown, Connecticut. This model is marked on the right side of its frame "STARR'S PATENT JAN. 15, 1856.", and on the left side, "STARR. ARMS. Co. NEW YORK." The patent date refers to E. T. Starr's U. S. Patent 14,118 for a self-cocking percussion pepperbox. His U.S. Patent 30,843, December 4, 1860, was for his double-action revolver.

Starr firearms were made at Yonkers, Binghamton, and Morrisania, New York, from 1858 to 1867. The New York City address referred to the Starr Arms Company store and office at 267 Broadway. Starr double-action .44 caliber revolvers, with serial numbers from 1 to about 23,000, were manufactured first, and Starr single-action .44 caliber revolvers, with serial numbers from about 23,000 to about 54,000, last.

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