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Original U.S. Civil War Springfield M-1863 Converted to M-1866 Trapdoor Short Rifle using Scarce 2nd ALLIN System

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Original Item: One Only. This is really a Peach! This rifle started out as a Civil War Springfield Rifle Musket, dated 1864, made by SPRINGFIELD ARMORY, as indicated on the lock plate. There is also the "Spread Eagle" over U.S. marking, indicating military production. This particular rifle is technically a Model 1863, Type II, sometimes called the model 1864.  Around 700,000 of all Model 1863 types were produced from 1863 until the end of the Civil War in 1865.

The U.S. Civil war had confirmed the adage of NEED is the Mother of INVENTION. Muzzle Loading Muskets and Rifles were extensively used but new developments continually resulted in a "fresh" breach loading system being adopted on a trial basis. The Union had as many as NINETEEN different systems issued during the war and the ALLIN system was a version that was considered a determination was made to standardize.

The Trapdoor system seemed to be the one that satisfied most authorities so more trials were held, and the trapdoor was adopted. The government then looked for for cost effective ways to modernize their rifles, and one way was to convert muzzle loading Rifle muskets to a breech loaders, as seen throughout the world.

The 1866 Trapdoor was made using a Civil War percussion Rifle which was made into a breech loader using a .50 cal barrel, and each years the system was improved until the finish result was the Model of 1873 which was adopted and remained until the Krag Rifle was introduced in the 1890s.

There is an excellent work "TRAPDOOR SPRINGFIELD" by Waite and Ernst published in 1980 that covered this very subject from 1865 - 1893. The very first Chapter is entitled "The ALLIN Breech-Loading System" which covers the Model Trap door rifle we offer here. The conversion made inventive use of the existing parts of the barrel, such as the cap lock bolster being turned into part of the breech lock system. Originally these were made as long rifles, but many were then cut-down in the late 1800s by companies such as Bannerman, to be sold as "cadet rifles", such as this one was.

In fine condition, the lock is marked 1864 and an EAGLE over U.S. over SPRINGFIELD and the Breech Block is DATED 1866 with an Eagle head cartouche. There is another Eagle proof on the end of the barrel. In great condition this is a rare U.S. Military Rifle that led to the the legendary Model of 1873. Stock is in excellent condition with the expected dents and dings from age, and the filled in band spring slot is visible on the right side of the stock. The Metal components are in excellent condition. Bore shows clear lands and grooves, but does show some corrosion with a dark finish.

Fully Cleaned and Ready to display.

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