Original U.S. Civil War Springfield 1863/1870 Trapdoor Conversion Rifle in .50/70

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Original item: One Only. During the U.S. Civil War the North manufactured over 700,000 M-1863 Percussion Rifles in .58 muzzle loading caliber. With the coming of breech loaders, the Government embarked on a Conversion of the M-1863 to the M-1870 Trapdoor breech loading rifle system in .50/70. Some over 10,000 of these M-1863 were converted before the U.S. Army standardized on the newly manufactured Springfield 1873 Trapdoor Rifles in .45/70.

The M.1863/1870 Conversions were obsoleted and have become very uncommon, as only a small percentage of the total 1863 production was converted.

The breech block is marked:

(eagle proof)

Offered in very nice condition is this trapdoor rifle in .50-70 government caliber. Overall very good metal finish, and still in the correct bright steel finish used on .50 cal Springfield rifles. The stock is in fine original condition, though it has been sanded down and refinished, and there is a repaired crack at the wrist. The bore is somewhat dark, but still shows clear lands and grooves.

The butt plate is marked "U.S." and both barrel bands are "U" marked.  Center fire breechloader, two bands, two sling swivels, standard sliding sight, and standard ramrod. Lock is marked with an eagle and U.S. SPRINGFIELD, manufactured by Springfield Armory, Springfield Massachusetts, and is marked 1863 on the tail of the lock plate.

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