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Original U.S. Civil War Sharps & Hankins Model 1862 Sliding Breech Naval Carbine - Serial No 5507

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Known as the Sharps & Hankins Model 1862 carbine, this weapon is a wartime .52 caliber rimfire breechloading firearm designed by Hartford, Connecticut native Christian Sharps. Presented is a nice original example of that engineering design called the “Navy” type carbine, which had its barrel covered in a black leather covering as rust protection against the sea elements (leather covering is now absent). Along with some 6,700 other such Navy carbines produced by the Sharps and Hankins firm in Philadelphia, PA, this carbine was chambered for the No. 56 Sharps & Hankins metallic cartridge.

Short arm measures 38 5/8” long and weighs 8 pounds. By releasing the small finger release tab and operating the lever, the barrel slides forward to accommodate the copper rimfire cartridge. The 23 5/8” long, barrel has no stock forend; does have an iron blade front sight and a typical Civil War ‘tangent style’ rear sight graduated to 800 yards with a leaf that pivots at the front and raises forward in an arc.  However, the sight swings freely at present.

This example looks to have seen significant service, and it shows it. Overall the rifle has a light pitted patina, which is heavier on the barrel, which would have had a leather cover when used onboard. All lock screws are original and present, with worn heads. Serial 5507 is stamped onto the upper plate tang, as well as on the bottom of the barrel, and on one part of the loading lever. It originally would have been marked elsewhere, but those markings have worn away. The breech must be open to see most of the serial number markings.

The carbine still functions, though it is stiff due to the oxidation and age. The sliding safety near the hammer does not move at present, but could probably be freed up. The bore does show clear lands and grooves, but also oxidation and wear. Black walnut stock is in good condition. Shows wear and use and retains original feathering. There are no cartouches visible. The brass butt plate is in fine condition, all as shown in in the pictures.

This Sharps & Hankins Model 1862 rimfire carbine is a fine, original arm of the Civil War Federal Navy and would surely enhance any naval display or collection of arms.


Year of Manufacture: circa 1863-64
Caliber: .52"
Cartridge Type: Rimfire
Barrel Length: 24 Inches
Overall Length: 39 Inches
Action type: Lever action Sliding Breech
Feed System: Single Shot

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