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Original U.S. Civil War Savage Contract Model 1861 .58 cal Rifled Musket - Dated 1864

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Original Item: Only One Available. Original, 1864 dated, .58 caliber Model 1863 “Savage Arms” contract percussion rifle-musket in excellent condition overall. Specimen is a product of the Savage Revolving Fire Arms Company of Middletown, Connecticut circa 1862-64. Savage was a major contractor in the Civil War who supplied the government with some 25,500 such muskets for the army.

This rifled, single-shot muzzleloader retains a pleasing appearance and has undergone moderate cleaning to both wood and gunmetal. Barrel exhibits a light gray sheen overall with just scant pinprick pitting in areas especially at the barrel bolster / breech area. Musket retains its 40” long round barrel, two-leaf rear sight, bayonet lug, front blade sight, nipple, “C” shaped hammer, steel ramrod with threaded tip, original barrel bands, sling swivels, and butt plate. Buttplate tang stamped “U.S” along with small sub-inspector mark. The bore has a little bit of peppering and minor pitting, but lands and grooves are crisp.

Walnut stock is in excellent condition overall and wears a handsome patina. Stock bears two thin government cartouche visible on the flat opposite the hammer. Minor dings and dents are visible on the stock in keeping with its age. Mechanics strong and tight. Stamped on lockplate in front of hammer is a spread winged eagle motif above letters “U S.” Just forward is the two-line maker address:


A clean date “1864” stamped on lockplate behind hammer. Top flat of breech has minor pitting with strong date “1864” visible. Government proof marks “V / P / eagle head” strong and visible on the left facet of barrel. A very nice example, well worthy of display in any U.S. Civil War collection.

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