Original U.S. Civil War Savage 1861 Navy Model .36 Caliber Percussion Revolver - Serial 2849

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice service used condition example of the Savage Navy Model, a six shot .36 caliber revolver, which was made from 1861 until 1862 with a total production of only 20,000 guns. This unique military revolver was one of the few handguns that was produced only for Civil War use. Its design was based on the antebellum Savage-North "figure eight" revolver. The Savage Navy had a unique way of cocking the hammer. The shooter used his middle finger to draw back the "figure 8" lever and then released it forward to cock the hammer and rotate the cylinder.

This is a great very early example, manufactured in early 1862, this was made early during the second half of production. It bears serial number 2849, which is neatly stamped on the underside of barrel and on the right side of the frame under the grip. The markings on the grip scales are no longer visible, and the back of the cylinder is oxidized, so we cannot see any serial numbers there.

The upper frame stamping is a bit worn but still mostly legible, and reads:

JANUARY 19 1859 MAY 15 1860

Overall the pistol is in very nice condition with a nice worn gray patina, with no sign of refinishing or major oxidation. It functions almost perfectly, with crisp indexing and a strong cylinder lockup. The cylinder chambers are in good shape, and all 6 cap nipples are still intact, which is rare due to the strong hammer strike the pistol has. They do however show oxidation and wear from use.

The bore is in good condition, still showing clear rifling, but also wear and oxidation. We usually see these looking like stovepipes, so this is definitely better than average. The original grips are in good shape, though they do show wear, with some cracking on the right side.

These are always hard to find, especially in this very nice condition, now is your chance! Ready to add to your civil war collection and display!

Year of Manufacture: c.1862
Caliber: .36cal
Ammunition Type: Cap and Ball
Barrel Length: 7 inches
Overall Length: 14 inches
Action: Single Action
Feed System: 6 Shot Revolver

History of the Savage 1861 Model .36 Cal-

The Union purchased just fewer than 12,000 of these initially at $19.00 apiece for use by its cavalry units. Savage Navy revolvers were issued to the 1st and 2nd Wisconsin U.S. Volunteer Cavalry regiments, and 5th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry while the State of Missouri issued 292 Savage revolvers to its Missouri Enrolled Militia units.

The remaining revolvers were purchased by private means and shipped to the Confederacy for use with the 34th Battalion of Virginia Cavalry (Witcher's Nighthawks), the 35th Battalion of Virginia Cavalry (White's Rebels), 11th Texas Cavalry, 7th Virginia Cavalry (Ashby's Cavalry), and 7th Missouri Cavalry. The United States Navy also made a small purchase of 800 Savages during 1861 for use on its ships.

The Savage-North revolver is a direct descendant of the Savage & North Figure 8 Model Revolver and the Alsop revolver sharing many similarities with both arms. Alsop was also located in Middletown, CT. and three members of the Alsop family served on the Savage Revolving Firearms Company board of directors. Therefore, the relationship between the two companies and the two weapons was more than coincidental.

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