Original U.S. Civil War Model 1864 Type II .58 Cal. Cartridge Box with Period Added Hook and Matching Tins

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a lovely and surprisingly very good condition Civil War cartridge box. It features a cleanly embossed “US” on the outer flap and has a very faint stamped manufacturer’s mark under the flap, which has been distorted a bit. There is a very clear inspector’s stamp to its right for H. H. HARTNELL.

The best detail of this example is the period-added modification in the form of a small leather strap and hook added to the top of the box, akin to that from the Mann’s Accoutrement Set. This is a fantastic period modification that is seldom seen on Civil War equipment.

The cartridge box is "Pattern July 1864", Type II, "US" is embossed on the flap, Type II means there are two internal flaps. The July 1864 boxes discontinued use of the earlier ornamental brass box plate, replacing it with an oval "US" embossed on the flap. Type II pattern has inside flap covering the implements, plus a second flap covering the tins, this flap having been reinstated with Type II following elimination in the Type I design. This was the last cartridge box for the rifled musket, weapon development was moving to breech loaders of smaller caliber. The belt straps are centered, sewn and riveted on. The latch tab is sewn and riveted and has a brass pear shaped finial.

The box is in overall great condition with all leather straps still retained, although the securing strap on the bottom is severely degraded! The tin set inside is in great shape and fits very well into the box. The markings are present but have some damage from something that was stuck inside for a while. All buckles are retained, as well as the added modification hook, which is affixed with a period rivet. Overall this box is in fantastic shape and has the added bonus of a great period modification. Don’t miss out on this fantastic Civil War piece.

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