Original U.S. Civil War Model 1860 Naval Cutlass in Service Worn Condition

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Just received out of an old collection along with about 100 other swords! This is a nice service worn example of the rarely seen U.S. Naval Cutlass, as used from 1860-1865. The boarding cutlass was derived from the French pattern of 1833, often referred to as a “cullere a pot,” or more commonly called the “soup ladle” weapon. This example features an all hilt with a leather wrapped wood sword grip, though the grip has deteriorated considerably.

The cutlass really does show years of use, probably at sea. These were often stored on deck with little protection from the salt and water, so heavy pitting on the blade was not uncommon. The grip is missing almost all of the original leather covering, showing the underlying ribbed wood base. These swords originally had zinc plating over the hilt basket, and some of the blade. The exterior shows a little of this, however inside the guard the plating is almost completely retained. The blade shows a bit of this plating as well.

Unfortunately wear to the blade has removed all of the makers marks and the date, however this is definitely an original example, with loads of patina. Original Civil War Naval Cutlasses are getting harder and harder to find every year! Ready to display!

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