Original U.S. Civil War Model 1850 Army Staff and Field Officer Sword with German Blade by W. Clauberg

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an absolutely original Model 1850 Staff and Field Officer's Sword with half basket brass hilt decorated with pierced floral decorations and U.S. molded into the guard. The sword's pommel is similarly decorated. The grip is SHARK SKIN bound with twisted brass wire to secure the grip. The slightly curved blade of 32" is in good shape, with some lovely etching in the middle, with U.S. on one side, and the Federal Eagle over E. Pluribus Unum on the otherside. It is also well-marked on the ricasso with the name of the retailer that sold it (somewhat faint:


Like many retailers of edged weapons, they mainly customized and fitted existing blades, which were in many cases imported from Europe. The blade on this example is German, and is marked with the makers name and trademark:

(Armored Knight Logo)

Wilhelm Clauberg AG, Waffen- & Stahlwarenfabrik was founded in 1810, and exported large numbers of blades to England and the U.S.A. Their trademark "armored knight with sword" logo was in use for many years.  By 1887 however they had ceased weapon production, and were mainly making razors and steelware.

The leather scabbard has brass Officer's mounts to top, center and bottom. The thick leather body is mostly solid, though there are a few bends, and definitely some wear and tearing. The brass "drag" on the bottom of the scabbard shows quite a bit of use and denting, and the bottom edge definitely does look to have been "dragged" quite a bit, and is quite worn on that side.

Totally honest, out of the attic after well over 100 years of storage, it has now been carefully cleaned and is ready to display!

The Model 1850 Army Staff and Field Officer's Sword was carried by all members of staff departments, Field Grade officers of Artillery and Infantry, Company Grade Officers of Light Artillery, Staff Officers and Aides-de-Camp between 1850 and 1872. It was based on a French pattern. Though other swords were by regulation allowed, this model was by far the most popular sword carried by officers during the American Civil War. The Staff and Field Officers' Sword is distinct from the Model 1850 Army Foot Officer's Sword.

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