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Original U.S. Civil War Model 1832 Artillery Short Sword - Dated 1841

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a nice example of a U.S. Model 1832 Artillery Foot Artillery Short sword. These were intended for hand-to-hand combat while defending cannon emplacements, and were used by both sides during the civil war. This 1841 dated example sword has a straight, heavy double-edged steel blade, which unfortunately has significant surface rust. We have left this mostly intact to preserve the "battlefield patina" look. There are two side-by-side fullers, starting just below the hilt. Then, after a space of 11/16", there is a single center fuller that extends toward the blade's spear shaped point. The overall blade length is approximately 19'', with a total length of 25 1/4".

The blade is stamped on the reverse, near the hilt:


On the obverse, the hilt is stamped with an American Eagle. There sometimes will be a contractor or maker mark under this, however the surface rust has made any markings that were present illegible. We do not believe it originally had a maker mark. The "W S" under the date would have been the arsenal inspectors mark.

The hilt and cross guard are stamped brass. The grips have been molded in a scalloped eagle feather design. Three transverse iron rivets secure it to the tang of the blade. The pommel is decorated on each side with a heavily incised American eagle, with shield, holding arrows in his left talon and an olive branch in his right talon. The eagle's head faces towards its right. The straight cross quillons terminate in disk shaped finials.

This is a nice example of a sword used before and during the U.S. Civil War. Ready to display!

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