Original U.S. Civil War M1861 Mason Contract Rifled .58 Cal Percussion Musket - Dated 1863

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The Model 1861 was the primary musket at the start of the Civil War. The musket was designed as a single shot, .58 cal. rifled muzzle-loader. It features an iron buttplate, "C" shaped hammer, bolster with clean out screw, two leaf sight, iron trigger guard, three flat barrel bands held in place with springs, sling swivels on middle band and trigger guard, ramrod with bulged shank and threaded end, and an iron nose cap. This example has had the original rear sight replaced with a simplified single leaf.

Springfield Armory supervised the manufacturing and distribution of the Model 1861 musket. In order to fulfill shortages, production was sub-contracted to a number of private manufacturers. William Mason, of Taunton, Massachusetts, produced 30,000 muskets under this contract.

Lock is marked "1863" behind the hammer, with eagle and "US / WM. MASON. / TAUNTON." in front, faintly visible. Barrel is marked "VP" on the left side. Butt plate is marked "US" and "R". Three bands each marked "U", barrel length 40in. Barrel and lock show remains of old pitting but now nicely polished. There is the remnant of an inspection cartouche on the left side of the stock, above the trigger.

A genuine Civil War Percussion Rifle Musket, ready to display.

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