Original U.S. Civil War M1855 Style Yataghan Saber Bayonet by P.S. Justice

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The U.S. Model 1855 Sword bayonet was developed to be used with the new .58" caliber Springfield Model 1855 Rifled musket. They were based on the previous M1841 bayonet for the "Mississippi Rifle", and continued to be used on later produced examples of that rifle. The bayonets were not made in any large quantities, with the tried and true socket bayonet being more popular.

With the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War, the Confederate States were woefully undersupplied in terms of small arms, as they did not have the industrial capacity of the Northern States. They had the weapons already issued, and after the capture of the Harpers Ferry Armory, additional weapons as well as captured machinery. However even with that, supplies were often short, and many out of date weapons were repurposed and put into service.

It is a true "Yataghan" style, with a gentle "s" curve to the entire blade. The M1855 as designed is a straight blade, out of line with the handle, without a curve at the end, so this is definitely union produced. The casting on the handle is also definitely more detailed than what would have been produced at one of the Confederate armories.

Condition of the bayonet is good, but it definitely does show age. There are areas of oxidation on the blade, and it does show quite a bit of wear. The handle is in better shape, though the bayonet latch is unfortunately loose and does not function properly. The ricasso is faintly marked with P.S. JUSTICE / PHILAD. The brass mounted leather scabbard is missing.

A very interesting Civil War Era bayonet, ready to research and display!

Blade Length: 22"
Blade Style: Single Edged "Yataghan" Saber with Fuller
Overall length: 26 1/4“

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