Original U.S. Civil War M1850 Foot Officer Sword with Etched German Blade & Leather Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Excellent, original condition model 1850 Foot Officer’s Sword with half basket brass hilt decorated with pierced floral decorations, and a custom ordered etched blade. As used by all officers below the rank of major between 1851-1865. This sword was used by both Union and Confederate officers during the American Civil War.

The slightly curved blade of 28 1/2 inches is in good shape, with some lovely etching in the middle, with U.S. on one side, and the Federal Eagle on the other side. Truly a lovely blade, with a nice aged dark patina and some signs of rust.

The ricasso of the blade is marked with the full Wilhelm Clauberg marking with their der Ritter (the knight) holding a sword logo:

(Knight Trademark)

Wilhelm Clauberg AG, Waffen- & Stahlwarenfabrik was founded in 1810 in Solingen, the legendary "City of Blades" in western Germany. They exported large numbers of blades to England and the U.S.A. as well as Great Britain, during the mid 19th century. The knight trademark had first been registered in 1850, making it correct for Civil War issue swords. By 1887 however they had ceased weapon production, and were mainly making razors and steelware, per J. Anthony Carter's work GERMAN KNIFE AND SWORD MAKERS.

Blade shows signs of multiple contact points with another sword. Whether this damage dates from the American Civil War, or from child's play in the decades beyond the Civil War can be speculated.

Condition of the sword is good, and it is offered with the original leather scabbard, which shows signs of honest wear and storage age, with some loss of wash on the bronze fittings and small dents at the end of the scabbard.

All of the original twisted wire grip wrapping is missing, and the grip shows some signs of expected wear, some cracking and scratches here and there and abrasion marks where fittings rubbed against the ray skin.

The blade, grip, and guard, have a slight wobble, which could possibly be remedied. This is something we will leave for the next owner to determine doing so, as we are offering the sword in “as found” condition. The brass guard and pommel have developed a very pleasant rich patina over the years.

Approximate Dimensions:
Blade Length: 28 1/2"
Blade Style: Single Edged Slightly Curved with double Fullers
Overall length: 34 1/2“
Basket dimensions: 4 1/4" width x 5” length
Scabbard length: 30 1/8”

The Model 1850 Army Staff and Field Officer's Sword was carried by all members of staff departments, Field Grade officers of Artillery and Infantry, Company Grade Officers of Light Artillery, Staff Officers and Aides-de-Camp between 1850 and 1872. It was based on a French pattern. Though other swords were by regulation allowed, this model was by far the most popular sword carried by officers during the American Civil War. The Staff and Field Officers' Sword is distinct from the Model 1850 Army Foot Officer's Sword.

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