Original U.S. Civil War M-1851 NCO Belt with Pistol Cartridge Box and Percussion Cap Pouch - As Found Together!

Item Description

Original Items: Only Ones Available. An outstanding find! This belt rig was located in the attic of an old house years ago. Presumably, this rig was together since the end of the Civil War, having been put away and forgotten about long ago. The rig consists of a M-1851 Non-Commissioned Officer’s Belt, .36 Caliber Pistol Ammunition Box, and Percussion Cap Pouch. Naturally, this would have been paired with a .36 Caliber Revolver with a Holster. Worn by all branches of the U.S. Army at the time; Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Signal Corps, etc. These were also popular with gunfighters in the American West.

The 1851 NCO Belt:
The Belt remains in overall good condition, with its original regulation 1851 pattern, brass eagle belt plate, with its keeper; the belt plate has a one-piece, applied silver wreath. Constructed of strong bridle leather, and exhibits a surface that was dyed black on its exterior side, per army regulations of 1851. The leather is in good condition but does have cracking and flaking; some traces of aged verdigris throughout.

The end of the leather belt is run through the rectangular M1851 brass sword belt plate loop and clasped together by means of the early style, flattened brass hook. A separate leather adjuster loop secures the connection. The brass keeper is sewn and riveted to the opposite end of the leather belt. Stitched to the belt exterior, near the keeper, are two, brass D-ring suspension loops that serve to anchor the over-the-shoulder strap and short sword strap.

The regulation 1851 pattern, brass, eagle waist belt plate is the rectangular, concave, detailed plate that measures approximately 83 mm long x 53 mm high, the cast brass plate has an integral tongue on the reverse and the one-piece, nickel-silver wreath terminating beneath the eagle’s wings. The wreath remains strongly secured to the front face. The plate face has an even patina and exhibits well-defined edges. All the brass hardware retains a nice, aged patina.

.36 Caliber Pistol Cartridge Box:
Regulation .36 Caliber Box is in very good condition considering its age. Constructed of sewn bridle leather with a brass finial closure tab. The original internal divider is intact, and the closure strap is unbroken. Exterior shows signs of honest wear, and wear to the leather from years of storage. Overall, the leather is surprisingly pliable and supple.

Percussion Cap Pouch:
A regulation Federal Issue percussion Cap Pouch of the Model 1861 configuration. The leather is stiff and shows signs of wear. Both belt loops are intact and unbroken along with the closure tab. One “ear” of the closure flap is unfortunately missing, along with the internal fleece. The exterior shows signs of wear from decades in storage (surface cracking and crazing).

Overall, an excellent opportunity to find an accompaniment to a Civil War era .36 Caliber Revolver! Perfect for display!

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