Original U.S. Civil War Leather Flap Holster for Colt Revolvers with Federal Cap Boxes

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Original Items: Only One Set Available. This set consists for one Civil War Civil War Leather Flap Holster for Colt Revolvers and two Federal Cap Boxes.

- The holster is a hard to find, early, black leather accoutrement original Civil War belt flap holster popular during the Civil War. Holster was made to accommodate the Colt M1860 Army revolver and fits the M1851 Navy model Colt as well. The machine-made accoutrement measures a total of 14.5” long with its flap closed. Holster is made from a large, single piece of thick, black bridle leather that was folded over and machine-stitched to form the main body. In good condition, this holster bears no visible maker marks. Entire leather body is smooth and exhibits very light surface crazing overall. Flap closure hole and slot are integrated as a part of the leather flap. Side stitch has split and the leather has dried and shrink somewhat. With a revolver inserted into the body, the flap fits perfectly and snugly over the small brass, bullet-head finial attached to the main body. Holster has a leather belt loop or strap on the reverse that measures 4” x 2.5” and is riveted to the flap. Loop is in strong, stiff condition. Holster body does retain the leather plug. A nice, clean military-style leather flap holster that would accommodate a M1860 Colt or the M1851 Colt type revolver.

- This leather percussion cap box is a fine, complete example of a Federal pattern accoutrement carried by US Infantrymen during the war. The black leather specimen is in very strong condition. Cap box construction exhibits seam stitching that is strong and tight (no rivets). The black leather outer flap is supple and exhibits a surface with moderate cracking at the hinge area. The flap’s integral closure tab is strong and supple with flaking at the finial hole. Inner flap is very fine and retains both ‘ears’ or side covers on the flap. Box even retains its original wool fleece pad. Backside of this box has two original leather vertical belt loops sewn on. Stitching is tight and strong, as are the loops. The front flap is deeply stamped US. This Federal Civil War percussion cap box is a great complete specimen of a Union soldier’s field equipment.

- Leather percussion cap box is stiff and frozen but correct for federal Civil War Era. Black leather with white seam stitching and not rivets. The flap is frozen closed and we have not tried to pry it free for fear of braking it.

Overall a nice little set perfect for your Civil War Colt Revolver!
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