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Original U.S. Civil War German Percussion Musket Issued to 45th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in 1862

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Original Item: One of a Kind. We just received this lovely Antique Converted musket, along with about 200 other guns, from a collection that sat in an attic for close to 100 years. This is a very interesting German M-1809 Flintlock Musket, which looks to have been converted from flintlock to percussion in 1829, and then imported into the United States for the Civil War.

According to the tag that was attached to it in the collection, now wired to the gun, this musket was issued to the 45th Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Camp Chase in 1862. It then saw service throughout the war. At the onset of the Civil War, both Union and Confederate forces were in dire need of usable weapons, so they were acquired from wherever they could be found, which was often overseas surplus.

The musket is all iron Mounted except for the brass nose cap, with .75" caliber 41 inch barrel, and is 56 1/2" in overall length. It has the typical look of early German Flintlock muskets, which were based heavily on the French M1777 "Charleville" muskets, just as early U.S. Muskets were. The percussion lock is marked CROWN / Saarn, indicating where it was originally made, and is dated 1829 on the breech, which is probably the year it was made, or possibly the year it was converted to percussion.

Metalwork with oxidation overall but still presenting very well. The Stock is probably of black walnut in truly splendid condition with cheek piece carved into left hand side. There is a section missing next to the barrel tang, but it looks like it may have been inleted purposely. Still retains the original trumpet shaped ramrod, with a threaded hole in the tip.

The musket has German Regimental markings on the iron butt plate and is stamped OHIO on the left side of the butt. It also is stamped H Q 4 5 on the spine of the butt stock, a reference to the 45th Infantry Headquarters.

Uncleaned since before going into storage this musket is a real SLEEPER! Full working order and condition, just needs a good clean and it will be ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: 1829 - converted later
Caliber: about .75 inches
Ammunition Type:  Lead Ball & Powder with Percussion Cap
Barrel Length: 41 inches

Overall Length: 56 1/2 inches
Action: Percussion Lock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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