Original U.S. Civil War Federal Issue .44 Caliber Pistol Cartridge Box

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Original Item: Only One Available. US Infantry accouterments from 1839-1851, specifically Frogs on Bayonet Scabbards, Waist Belts and Cartridge Box Slings, were made from White Buff Leather. Buff leather is leather that has been whitened through a complex, expensive and time consuming chemical process. In 1851, the US Ordnance Dept. changed the leather used in these items to "Buff Leather, Blacked." Hence, all existing accouterments in the US Arsenals made with White Buff Leather were blackened and all new accouterments were made with buff leather that was processed without the whitening elements and was blackened. White and black buff leather will have a rough appearance on both sides.

In the later part of the 1850's, the US Ordnance Dept. allowed the substitution of "Waxed Leather" in lieu of blackened buff leather due to the expense and time required to make the latter. Waxed leather, also referred to as "Upper Leather" as it was used in the production of US Army Shoes.

Soldiers armed with revolvers required specific cartridge boxes. These show up in three sizes, which vary not by the caliber of the ammunition, either .36 or .44, but by the configuration of the packs in which it came- some paper wrapped, some wood bored out for six rounds, and some with a seventh hole for a packet of percussion caps. This is the middle size version that appears mid-war with a latch tab that is sewn and riveted, and the standard two belt loops on the reverse. Not intended to have magazine tins, these boxes have additional leather sections fixed inside that kept the cartridge packs in place by friction.

The box is in very good condition and on the inside front shows the manufacturer information as:

H.A. Dingee
New York

H.A. Dingee was a firm located in New York and was a major contractor to the U.S. for leather gear during the Civil War. The color and finish of the leather are very good, showing just a little rubbing to the edge of the flap, very little crazing to the belt loops indicating it was only worn a few times. This pouch would be considered “new old stock” and is in incredible condition considering its age. It also shows the typical asterisk marks created when the leather worker closed up the holes created by tacks used to hold the pieces on a wood form while he sewed it together.

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