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Original U.S. Civil War Federal 30-pounder 4.2 Inch Parrott Rifle Projectile

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Original Item: Only One Available. Despite being painted  24 PND PARROT SHELL this is an example of a 30-pounder (4.2-inch caliber) Federal Parrott projectile.The projectile is fully inert and empty, and is missing the brass sabot on the bottom.

This design features case shot material, and a brass sabot that is cast onto the exterior of the iron shell, with some "teeth" that are intended to keep the sabot from rotating off of the shell. Unfortunately this was not entirely successful, and most of these projectiles are found with the sabot having been thrown off when fired.

A very similar example can be found on the Civil War Artillery website at this link: U.S. Parrott 30 pdr.

A great shell from the Civil War, ready to display!


Shell Diameter: 4.1 inches
Gun: 30-pounder Parrott Rifle, 4.2-inch Caliber
Length: 11 inches
Weight: About 29 pounds
Construction: Case Shot
Sabot: Brass, Type 1
Fuzing: Zinc Fuze Plug

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