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Original U.S. Civil War Federal 20-pounder Parrott Rifle 3.67 Inch Read-Parrott Projectile

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an example of a long-pattern 20-pounder (3.67-inch caliber) Federal Read-Parrott projectile. The long-pattern Parrott projectiles did not contain any case-shot material. A large number of this style projectile were fired during the 1864 Atlanta Campaign. This pattern is also found with a wrought iron ring sabot, such as this example, and therefore, is considered a Read-Parrott projectile pattern. The wrought iron sabot was cast first and suspended in a mold around which the iron body was poured, thus embedding the sabot during this casting process. This was unlike the later production brass Parrott sabots which were cast directly onto the body. Parrott patented an improvement upon Read's sabot design; therefore, the name Read-Parrott is assign to all Federal and Confederate projectiles with this iron sabot style and body design. A nearly identical example can be found on the Civil War Artillery website this link.

DIAMETER: 3.63 inches
GUN: 20-pounder Parrott rifle, 3.67-inch caliber
LENGTH: 10 1/8 inches
WEIGHT: 18 pounds 1 ounce
SABOT: Wrought Iron Ring
FUZING: Parrott zinc fuze plug, paper time fuze. Fuze is absent.
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