Original U.S. Civil War Era Springfield Model 1842 Percussion Musket Cut-down for Hunting - dated 1852

Item Description

Original item: Only One Available. Well these do not come out of the attic that often but here it is. Deliberately NOT CLEANED so you can all see what nearly 200 years of attic storage does to anything left to itself. It presents quite well as is, or could be cleaned up into a real showpiece.

The US Model 1842 Muskets was a .69 caliber musket manufactured and used in the United States during the 19th Century. It was a continuation of the Model 1816 line of muskets but is generally referred to by its own model number rather than just a variant of the Model 1816. All of these muskets were 58 inches long, with a barrel around 42 inches in length.

The Model 1842 was the last U.S. smoothbore musket produced. Many features that had been retrofitted into the Model 1840 were standard on the Model 1842. The Model 1842 was the first U.S. musket to be produced with a percussion lock, though most of the Model 1840 flintlocks ended up being converted to percussion locks before reaching the field. The percussion cap system was vastly superior to the flintlock, being much more reliable and much more resistant to weather.

Many of these Infantry Muskets saw service in the Civil war and afterwards went home with the soldier who carried it. In civilian life it was too cumbersome and many, like this one, were adapted to "Sporting Weapons" after the war and used for Hunting. With all iron mounts this example comes with its original barrel shortened to 33" and much of the fore stock removed for ease of use and a great reduction in weight. Being a musket with a smooth bore it became a fine bird gun. The ramrod is unfortunately absent.

The lock bears faint original military markings of the American Eagle over U.S., with SPRING / FIELD / 1852 on the lock plate tail. There are also VERY faint V / P / Eagle proofs on the breech end of the barrel, mostly obscured by rust.

A good example of what happened to many Military Percussion muskets that served in the War between the States, ready to clean up or display as is.


Year of Manufacture: 1852 - shortened c.1865
Caliber: .69"
Cartridge Type:  Ball / Shot and Powder
Barrel Length: 33 Inches

Overall Length: 49 Inches
Action type: Side Action Percussion Lock
Feed System: Muzzle Loading

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