Original U.S. Civil War Era British Deane, Adams, & Deane .442 M1851 Percussion Revolver- Serial 7413 R

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Original Item: Only One Available. Here we have a very nice British Adams model 1851 percussion revolver, which were exported in some number during the U.S. Civil war. Also imported were the later Beaumont-Adams revolvers, based on advances by Lieutenant Frederick E. B. Beaumont of the Royal Engineers.

This is a double action only 5 shot revolver with NO hammer spur, so there is no provision at all for single action at all. In close quarters firing however, there is often little need or time to use a revolver in single action. Double action revolvers were often less expensive than double/single action examples, so they remained popular.

This example was made by the original partnership between Adams and Dean & Son, as indicated by the markings on the top strap:


In 1851, English designer Robert Adams offered his “improved” repeater. Like the Colt, it had a cylinder and single barrel, but the shooter had merely to pull the trigger in one smooth action to cock the piece, rotate its cylinder and fire it. In fact, the revolver could only be fired double-action and lacked a hammer spur. Adams formed a partnership with the father-and-son team of George and John Deane, and established a London manufacturing facility and salesroom.

This revolver is correctly marked with ADAMS PATENT on the right side of the revolver, which is next to serial number 7413 R, also found on the cylinder. There are also the correct CROWN / V "viewed" and CROWN / P "proof" marks on the barrel and cylinder from the London proof house. There is also the CROWN / GP "gunmaker's proof" as well. The side of the barrel is stamped R 25, however we do not know the significance of this.

The revolver is in very good condition, retaining much of the original blued finish, which highlights the foliate engraving on the frame. There is further engraving on the butt cap and trigger guard, and overall it's a very elegant looking revolver. It functions well, with a crisp action and solid indexing, though there is definitely some wear and slop.

The barrel is in good shape, with clear lands and grooves, and a mostly bright finish, without any major corrosion issues. The hammer stop for reloading is unfortunately missing, and currently the cylinder axis pin cannot be removed. The checkered wooden grip is in good shape, without any major wear to the texture, though there is some chipping on the toe area.

This is a fascinating example that could well be included in any U.S. Civil War Collection. Just splendid and ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1860
Caliber: .442
Ammunition Type: Cap & Ball
Barrel Length: 6 3/8 inches

Overall Length: 11 3/4 inches
Action: Double Action Only
Feed System: 5 Shot Revolver

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