Original U.S. Civil War Era Austrian Percussion Rifled Musket Converted for Civilian Use - dated 1852

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Like so many of the Muskets and rifles imported for the U.S. Civil War, once the war had been concluded in 1865 found their way onto the Civilian market. The guns were altered for frontier life, meant to put food on the table and defend against Indians and Bandits.

The example we offer here is of Austrian style manufacture, most of which were imported by the Confederate States, who did not have the North's industrial capacity. It has a 37 1/2" barrel and is 54" in overall length. The lock is marked faintly in the Austrian style 852 for 1852, and the fore stock has been shortened to half stock, which was easier to use as a hunting weapon on the frontier. We checked the bore, and though worn, it is definitely rifled. The lock functions correctly, holding at half cock, and firing at full.

Fully cleaned and in a most attractive condition, ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: 1852 - converted later
Caliber: about .63 inches
Ammunition Type: Cap and Ball
Barrel Length: 37 1/2 Inches

Overall Length: 54 Inches
Action type: Side action Percussion lock
Feed System: Single Shot

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