Original U.S. Civil War Era Austrian M-1842 Percussion Converted Rifled Saddle-Ring Carbine - Circa 1845

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Original Item: Only one Available. This is a very nice AUSTRIAN made Percussion Saddle Ring Carbine, with a .71" heavily rifled barrel. This most likely began life with an "Augustin" style "tube lock", an interesting intermediate step between flintlock and percussion firearms, but was then later converted fully to percussion in the 1850s. Many European powers were beginning to move to cartridge firearms, and with a huge market in the United States, sold off many of their soon to be obsolete firearms. Some of these reached the Northern Union forces, but more often, they were sent to the South, which did not have nearly the same level of industrial capacity.

This short carbine measures just shy of 30" in overall length, the .71 caliber barrel measuring only 14 1/2". It very much looks like it may have started out as a longer weapon, and even has a cheek piece on the left butt stock. However it now have a very nice iron combination side plate / saddle bar, with an intact saddle ring. The wood stock is quality walnut and the mounts are all iron.

This example was unfortunately scrubbed of almost all its markings before export, so that the country of origin could not be traced. However, the small Austrian "Double Headed Eagle" proof is still visible on the very tail of the lock plate. Also, number 27 is stamped on the saddle ring bar, trigger guard, butt plate, and barrel band. There are still markings on the lock indicating that it did have a frizzen, which was adapted as part of the "tube lock" system originally used on this musket.

The carbine is in very good display condition, with a lovely lightly oxidized patina on the metalwork. There is no major cracking or damage to the stock, just a small chunk missing near the butt plate tang. The lock functions correctly, holding at half cock and firing at full. The cap nipple cone is unfortunately broken off not far above the square base.

A very nice example of one of the typical imported carbines during the civil war. Ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1845 - converted later
Caliber:  about .71 inches
Ammunition Type: Cap and Ball
Barrel Length: 14 1/2 Inches

Overall Length: 30 Inches
Action type: Side action Percussion lock
Feed System: Single Shot

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