Original U.S. Civil War Era Austrian Augustin M-1842 Percussion Conversion Rifled Musket - dated 1847

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an AUSTRIAN AUGUSTIN MODEL 1842 Percussion Musket, originally issued in tube lock, but converted to percussion in the 1850s. It was most likely subsequently sold to the United States and probably imported just prior to the U.S. Civil War where many of these weapons saw service mostly on the Confederate side. The musket complete with original period double ended ramrod.

The musket measures just shy of 58" in overall length, the .71 caliber barrel measuring 42". The wood stock is quality walnut and the mounts are all iron. The long lock plate has a cutout for a flintlock pan, indicating this was originally manufactured as a flintlock. The later models did not have this cutout. There is a clear 847 on the lock plate, the standard Austrian designation for year 1847. There is also the Austro-Hungarian Empire's Eagle marked on the lock plate tail. The barrel and most fittings of the gun are also marked with the number 42, most likely a matching number.

The musket is in very good condition, and looks great. It still has both original sling swivels and the stock looks great, with no major structural issues. The lock functions correctly, holding at half cock, and firing at full. There is powder burn around the breech area, but much less on the newly installed percussion breech plug, so this musket definitely saw service in flintlock and percussion.

A very nice Civil War Era Austrian Percussion Musket, ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: 1847
Caliber: .71" percussion
Cartridge Type: Ball and Powder with Percussion Cap
Barrel Length: 42 Inches

Overall Length: 58 Inches
Action type: Side Action Lock
Feed System: Muzzle Loaded

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