Original U.S. Civil War Era 1861 dated Austrian Lorenz Percussion Musket Converted for Civilian Use with Bayonet

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This use to be an Austrian Army line musket of the Lorenz style, which was supplied to North America for use in the Civil War. Guns of this type were mostly imported by the Confederacy, which did not have the industrial capacity of the Union.

After the war the musket was then half stocked and lightened for continued Civilian use on the Frontier. The barrel is now 37 1/2", giving an overall length of 53". It still retains its original Austrian Socket bayonet, rust stained overall, needing a good clean. It still has original issue markings on various components, including a date of 861 on the lock plate. Lock functions correctly, holding at half cock and firing at full.

From a collection that has been in storage for almost 100 years, Ready to clean and restore or to display as a "FRONTIER" gun of the Old West!


Year of Manufacture: 1861 - converted later
Caliber: about .59 inches
Ammunition Type: Cap and Ball
Barrel Length: 37 1/2 Inches

Overall Length: 53 Inches
Action type: Side action Percussion lock
Feed System: Single Shot

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