Original U.S. Civil War Confederate Richmond Virginia Depot Artillery Kepi

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is an totally authentic American Civil War Confederate States Artillery Kepi which was manufactured in the Richmond Virginia Depot. Similar examples can be found a museums across the world including the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond Virginia and the American Civil War Museum which has a similar example which can be seen at this link.

This wonderful kepi is construed from grey and red Kersey wool. During the mid-war period the largest mill in Virginia was the Crenshaw Woollen Mill in Richmond, which made "all wool goods". Another mill was the Danville Manufacturing Co. in Danville, Virginia. This firm also supplied "thousands of yards of Kersey" throughout the war. By 1863 the caps produced by the Richmond Depot had colored bands and crowns. Three existing caps at the museum of the Confederacy can be used as references. This exceptional kepi features a red band and crown with cadet grey sides.

The chinstrap is comprised of tarred black canvas/cotton. Most if not all Richmond Depot caps would have a chin strap minus the brass buckle because Brass was scarce and was required for other items. The strap is functional and measures approximately 5/8 of an inch wide. The chin strap is fastened by two union eagle buttons.

Due to the scarcity of leather by 1863, the flat visor is made from layers of thin card, which were glued together and covered in black painted cloth. The visor is bound around the edges with a thin piece of leather with stitching through the center

The lining is cotton shirting in a red and orange pattern the same as a civilian shirt, as local mills also made cotton shirting. The sweatband is made from black painted cotton/canvas is 1.5 inches wide.

Authentic Civil War Confederate kepis are exceptionally rare with most known examples currently residing in museums. This piece would be the focal point of any Civil War collection.

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