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Original U.S. Civil War Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver Named to Confederate States Captain Frederick Odlum - 1863, Matching Serial Numbers 121375

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is a very fine .44 caliber percussion, 6 shot round cylinder, 8" barrel Model 1860 Colt Army revolver. Gun is very solid and functional with a crisp cylinder stamping that reads:


PAT. SEPT. 10th 1850

Cylinder scene is faint but present, the barrel marking ADDRESS COL. SAM L COLT NEW-YORK. is also very crisp, however, a really interesting detail is the later part of the barrel marking that normally reads U.S. AMERICA has been intentionally filed away. This was common practice for confederate soldiers, as they did not want to be part of the United States of America, but of the Confederate States of America.

Original walnut grips are still intact and complete and cartouche on right grip is still visible. Action is smooth and tight, the cylinder lock up is very tight and the pistol has no play in the barrel/frame connection.

All parts are matching with serial number 121375 denoting that the year of manufacture was 1863 making this is a truly fine example of the classic side arm used during the U.S. Civil War that very likely saw action itself.

However, the most notable feature of this pistil is that one the steel back strap of the grip in punch engraving is the marking:


Captain Frederick Odlum was the commander of a unit known as the DAVIS GUARDS based in Sabine City Texas and was most noted for the action they fought on September 8th 1863 known as the Battle of Sabine Pass. In the space of only 40 minutes the Davis Guards fired 137 Cannon shots without even swabbing their guns. They killed 50 Union Soldiers and captured a further 350 as prisoners all this without the loss of a single Confederate soldier. A special Citation was made by Confederate General John B. Magruder and special silver medals struck, said to be the only medals ever awarded by the Confederate States.

Since this Colt Army Revolver was made in 1863 it is possible that this revolver was captured during this engagement and taken by Captain Odlum. A common practice by the under supplied Confederate officers.

After examination with a loop we have determined that the engraving of his name is of the punch type often conducted in the field. The letters are formed from simple punched dots by an instrument such as an awl. This work is beautifully executed having clearly been done by an experienced blacksmith or armorer. Furthermore, the work is old, the punches are very smooth having had their sharp edges knocked away with use and time making the markings consistent with Civil War era application.

A wonderful condition Civil War confederate all matching serial number Colt 1860 pistol, named to a known officer, what more could you ask for?

Further history of the Davis Guard:


"The Jefferson Davis Guard"

The official name taken by what became Company F of the First Texas Heavy Artillery when it was formed was the Jefferson Davis Guard. This was shortened in conversation to the Jeff Davis Guard or Davis Guard. The men in the unit were known as the Jeff Davis Guards, Davis Guards or Davies. Somewhere the distinction between the two got lost and the unit and men were called the Jeff Davis or Davis Guards. There were other units in the Confederate Army called the Jefferson Davis Guard(s): The 18th Georgia Infantry Regiment had a company called the Davis Guard Company; Company G of the 48th Mississippi Infantry Regiment was called the Jeff Davis Guards. Company C of the 38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment was called the Jeff Davis Guard as were Company F of the 20th Virginia Infantry and Company A of the 57th Virginia Infantry. Company D of the 21st Mississippi Infantry Regiment was named the Jeff Davis Guards. The 34th Tennessee Infantry Regiment had a company, Company H, later designated Company A, made up of men from Bridgeport, Alabama called the Davis Guards. In Texas, in Refugio County, there was a unit called the Jeff Davis Home Guard. There were many other units called Jeff Davis Rifles, Jeff Davis Rebels etc.

Officers of the Davis Guard

Captain Frederick H. Odlum in command at Sabine City

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