Original U.S. Civil War Colt M1849 Pocket Percussion Revolver made in 1855 - Matching Serial 100054

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The Colt "Pocket Percussion" Model 1849 revolvers in .31cal are essentially scaled down versions of the larger Navy Model 1851 in .36cal, and were developed concurrently. The serial Number 114211 can be found on the barrel, frame, cylinder, trigger guard and grip frame. The loading rammer and cylinder arbor pin have shortened number 0054, while the barrel wedge is marked 00054. This makes this a very desirable "ALL MATCHING" example of the M1849 Pocket revolver.

The serial number indicates indicates the year of manufacture as 1855, just before the U.S. Civil War, so it almost certainly saw service during the conflict. Five shot percussion, .31 caliber with a short 4" barrel, in nice tight condition with nice aged finish on the steel. There does not look to have been any arsenal reconditioning or refinishing done to this revolver.

The Colt early two line address is still marked in two lines across the top of the octagonal barrel -


It also has the correct COLTS PATENT on the left frame under the cylinder. The walnut grips are in very good shape, with a lovely color and the expected patina of age. They still have just a bit of the original "Piano Varnish" finish that was applied to these at the factory, with the rest worn to bare wood. The revolver functions, however it is somewhat finicky due to wear and oxidation in the action. It often over rotates, and the cylinder lock is quite worn, so the cylinder can rotate even at full cock. The bore shows clear lands and grooves, with a partly bright finish showing oxidation and fouling in the grooves. All of the cap nipples look to be original, and are clear, though they definitely show damage from age and oxidation.

This is a very nice '49 Pocket dating from just before the Civil War, a wonderful acquisition for any collection.


Year of Manufacture: 1856
Caliber: .31cal
Ammunition Type: Cap and Ball
Barrel Length: 4 inches
Overall Length: 9 inches
Action: Single Action Percussion
Feed System: 5 Shot Revolver

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