Original U.S. Civil War Austrian M1854 Lorenz Percussion Rifle with Confederate "Anchor" Proof & Bayonet - dated 1860

Item Description

Original Item: Only one Available. This is a fantastic example of an Austrian M1854 Lorenz Percussion musket with bayonet, almost certainly imported for use in the U.S. Civil War Many European powers were beginning to move to cartridge firearms, and with a huge market in the United States, sold off many of their soon to be obsolete firearms. Some of these reached the Northern Union forces, but more often, they were sent to the South, which did not have nearly the same level of industrial capacity.

This example was purchased recently, and during cleaning, we discovered an "Anchor" proof mark on the breech right next to the cap bolster, the import marking used by the CSA during the Civil War. There are some additional letters marked under it, but we are unfortunately unable to quite make them out due to powder burn. The lock of this example still bears the Austrian Imperial Eagle on the lock plate tail, as well as a date of 860, for 1861, which puts it perfectly into the U.S. Civil War Time Frame.

The rear sight on the rifle is no longer present, and both sling swivels are as well, along with the bolster where the front swivel would be attached. We are not sure the reason for this modification, possibly for use as a hunting rifle. We checked the bore, and the 4 groove rifling is definitely still present and in good condition. The lock is functional, though due to wear on the tumbler it does fire at half cock. The stock is in great shape, with a lovely honey color, and some curl to the butt stock. The original cleaning rod is still present as well.

A fantastic example of an Austrian Lorenz short rifle, with Confederate import markings from the U.S. Civil War. Complete with its original bayonet, this rifle is ready to research and display!

Specifications (Rifle)-
Year of Manufacture: 1860
Caliber: about .57 inches
Ammunition Type: Cap and Ball
Barrel Length: 37 1/2 Inches
Overall Length: 42 1/2 Inches
Action type: Side action Percussion lock
Feed System: Single Shot

Specifications (Bayonet)-
Blade Length: 18"
Blade Style: Cruciform
Overall length: 21 1/2"

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