Original U.S. Civil War 1849 Springfield Arms Company Warner Patent Revolving Carbine

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. As seen on History Channel's Pawn Stars, this is exceptionally rare as only a handful of examples are known to exist. Watch IMA's own antique gun expert Alex evaluate and shoot this rifle on History Channel's Pawn Stars:

Manufactured by Springfield Arms Co., Springfield, Ma. in 1849, this is a percussion, six-shot, revolving carbine. Made on the James Warner (Springfield, Mass.) patents of 1851, 1856, 1867. Percussion type, with cap nipples on side of cylinder rather than on end like the Colt. It was necessary to turn the cylinder by hand for each shot, with the small catch in front of the trigger guard holding the cylinder in position. The action was ruled an infringement on Colt's patent forcing a stop to production with an estimated total production below 100 rifles.

Features a 22 1/2" part round, part octagonal barrel. Walnut stock with steel butt plate. Six shot with nipples in deep groove at 90 degrees to chambers. Frame has typical lightly factory scroll engraved and shows an attractive Stand of Arms and Union Shield on the left side of frame. It is faintly stamped SPRINGFIELD ARMS CO. on the the barrel flat over the cylinder.

From the Springfield City Directory, 1851-1852:  "SPRINGFIELD ARMS COMPANY. This is a new establishment, and one of much interest and importance. The building is situated a few rods above Rice's building. The articles manufactured are Warner's Patent Revolver pistols and carbines. They are the invention of James Warner, formerly of South Hadley, who is the agent of the company, and the arms are certainly among the simplest and most efficient of all revolvers yet invented. The first facts apparent in their construction are that they can be discharged with the same rapidity as Colt's, and with the same efficiency. They are also no less light and beautiful in construction, and Mr. Warner claims that they are more simple and of course less liable to get out of repair. Six discharges can be made in from 8 to 10 seconds. The building is furnished with $20,000 worth of new machinery, consisting of 15 engine lathes, planing machines, upright lathes, and all the appurtenances of a pistol factory. The number of hands employed is 60. The carbines are capital arms for deer and bear hunting at the West and South. The number of pistols turned out daily, some of which are finished in the highest style, is 26. We are glad to learn that the sale is so rapid that hardly a specimen can be kept for exhibition." - Springfield City Directory, 1851-1852.

Another example of a Warner Patent Revolving carbine can be found at the Springfield Armory Museum. You can view it at this link.

This is a truly rare and iconic piece of American firearms history.

Manufacturer: Springfield Arms Co
Model: Revolver
Caliber: .41
Chambers: 6 Shot revolver

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