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Original U.S. & British WWII Allied Color Maps of Wales, Venice, Central Europe, & Surroundings - Set of 5

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Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is a set of 4 (5 if you count the double sided one) maps that usually read Published by the War Office or Army Map Service, with dates in WWII and before. This set looks to be of all British manufacture, but they were used by all of the Allied forces. Each is color and typically measures 26" x 34" but sizes vary. Locations include:

VENEZIA, in Northern Italy on the Coast, as well Trieste, and part of the Alps

PRAHA (Prague), in what was Czechoslovakia, and the area North East, including Breslau and other areas today part of Poland.

BUDAPEST, Hungary and surrounding areas along the Danube River.

MIDLANDS AND WALES, in Great Britain, and the surrounding areas.

DÜSSELDORF, in Western Germany along the Rhine river, as well as surrounding areas to the East.

All in good condition, with lots of colors and details!

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