Original U.S. & British Sam Browne Leather Belt Lot With Shoulder Straps - 4 Items

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Original Items: Only One Lot of 4 Available. General Sir Sam Browne V.C. was a 19th-century British Indian Army officer who had lost his left arm to a sword cut during the Sepoy Rebellion; this made it difficult for him to draw his sword, because the left hand was typically used to steady the scabbard while the right drew out the sword.

Browne came up with the idea of wearing a second belt which went over his right shoulder to hold the scabbard steady. This would hook into a waist belt with D-rings for attaching accessories. It also securely carried a pistol in a flap-holster on his right hip and included a binocular case with a neck-strap. Other officers began wearing a similar rig and eventually it became part of the standard uniform. During the Boer War, it was copied by other troops and eventually became standard issue.

Infantry officers wore a variant that used two suspender-like straps instead of the cross-belt. It was supposedly invented in 1878 by Lieutenant Basil Templer Graham-Montgomery, of the 60th Rifles, while serving in India.

All 4 belts are complete with buckles, snaps and leather shoulder strap. They are all still in serviceable condition and one of the belts has a slightly torn shoulder strap.

This is a wonderful opportunity to add 4 of these iconic belts! All are ready to be displayed.

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