Original U.S., Belgian, Spanish, Finnish & Bulgarian WWII to Cold War Helmet Lot - 6 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is a very nice collection of helmets from various time periods and countries. All helmets are complete with liners and are offered in great condition. This is a wonderful lot to pick up if you are looking to either start collecting helmets or are just wanting to add these really nice examples to your already existing ones.

The following six helmets are included in this lot:

- Vietnam Era M1 Medic Helmet with Helmet Net: Vietnam War era M-1 helmet shells have a set of swivel (movable) chinstrap loops called bales and a manganese steel rim. These rims had non-magnetic qualities that reduced the chance of error readings when placed around certain sensitive equipment (such as a compass). In WWII the shells had Stainless Steel rims, however these would easily lose paint, and the shine produced without paint was a liability.

This example still has a great condition liner, which looks to be from a paratrooper helmet. The shell looks to have been fit with a replica WWII style chin strap.

- U.S. Front Seam Swivel Bale M1 Helmet with Helmet Net: This looks to be a WWII shell that saw further service after the war. It has the correct stainless steel rim for a WWII helmet, and the welds look to be the smaller Schlueter style, though they have been painted over, so we cannot be sure. The liner is a post war example by Westinghouse, and has no sweatband. The chin strap has been replaced with a type that we have not seen before.

- Spanish Modelo 1942 Z Helmet with U.S. Helmet Cover: Based on the German WWII M35/40/42 series of helmets, these were used by Spain from their adoption in 1942 to their replacement by a Spanish M1 copy in the 1980s. The steel is thinner than the German M42, and overall they were an inferior copy. This example has been fitted with a U.S. recent issue camouflage cover with a rubber edge.

- German Finnish M40/55 Helmet with Recent Repaint: This is one of the WWII type M40 steel combat helmets that were produced by German WWII helmet manufacturer Hans Römer Fabrik from Neu-Ulm (Donau-Freiberg). Supplied throughout WWII and then under special contract for the Finnish Army in 1955, hence, they have become known as the M40/55 helmet. However, these helmets were made in the same factory, on the same machines and by some of the very same people that produced them for Germany in WWII.

This helmet has a recent Finnish liner, and the exterior was given a white paint job with DRK decals for display.

- Belgian Fiber Dispatch Rider Helmet by Levior: Based very much on the British WWII design, these helmet were lightweight and protective against foliage and other light obstacles that a dispatch rider would encounter. They were not really intended as any type of ballistic defense. This example is dated 1951 and is in excellent condition.

- Bulgarian WWII M36/A Steel Combat Helmet with Navy Paint: This is the Bulgarian Model 36/A steel helmet with a rolled edge; two vent holes and six rivets. This model was the first type of the Model 36 ever produced. This first of three patterns of helmets produced for the Bulgarian army before World War II. They were in use long after WWII, so the liner and chin strap are most likely replacements.

This is a wonderful opportunity to add 6 beautiful helmets to your collections. All come ready for display!

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