Original U.S. Army Opposing Forces AK-47 Static Training Replica - Fort Jackson Training Support Center

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a full-scale, three-dimensional static plastic replica DVC-T 30-006 OPFOR small arms AK-47 assault rifle. These devices can be used for classroom or field recognition instruction, or can be carried during tactical exercises to add realism to the portrayal of opposing force troops.

This is not a functioning firearm, it is all solid with non functioning parts. These were intended for field and classroom use for the training of American forces. This is a full scale model of the standard AK-47 rifle, designed to look and feel like the real thing.

There is no damage that can be found, only minor paint loss. Devices produced by one training support center (TSC) and distributed to other TSCs under central U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) management. These devices are designated as “DVC-T”. The buttstock is appropriately marked with the OPFOR designator DVC-T 30-006 F.J. TSC. The F.J. TSC is the location designator for the Fort Jackson Training Support Center. Training devices are three-dimensional objects and associated computer software developed, fabricated, stand alone, embedded, or appended and procured specifically for improving the learning process and to usually support the live training environment.

This is a wonderful example of a crucial tool that aided in the training of America’s Armed Forces. This beautiful training device comes ready to display!

An opposing force (alternatively enemy force, abbreviated OPFOR) is a military unit tasked with representing an enemy, usually for training purposes in war game scenarios. The related concept of aggressor squadron is used by some air forces. The United States maintains the Fort Irwin National Training Center with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment serving in the OPFOR role. Fort Polk's Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC)is another major training site typically reserved for light infantry units, and the OPFOR are the 1st of the 509th Airborne Infantry Regiment. The Army's Joint Maneuver Readiness Center (JMRC, at Hohenfels, Bavaria, Germany) has the 1st of the 4th Infantry Regiment as their OPFOR. Other major units include the First United States Army which consists of 16 training brigades that often also serve as OPFOR.

At a basic level, a unit might serve as an opposing force for a single scenario, differing from its 'opponents' only in the objectives it is given. However, major armies commonly maintain specialized groups trained to accurately replicate real-life enemies, to provide a more realistic experience for their training opponents. (To avoid the diplomatic ramifications of naming a real nation as a likely enemy, training scenarios often use fictionalized versions with different names but similar military characteristics to the expected real-world foes.)

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