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Original U.S. Army Model 1881 Cavalry Holster for Colt SAA or S&W Frontier Revolvers

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Original Item: One Only.These are very hard to find! Original M-1881 U.S. Army flap top belt holster to accommodate either the Colt Single Action Army with 7 1/2" barrel or the Smith and Wesson Frontier Revolver also with 7 1/2" barrel. The Holster has TWO stud holes in the flap so the holster can securely hold EITHER of the two Model revolvers indicated.

The body of the heavy stitched leather holster is clearly stamped with U.S, in an oval indicating government ownership. The holster is "left handed" in that it is designed to be carried on the right hip butt forward for easy access by the left hand. Your right hand was reserved for your Cavalry saber.

In great aged condition, totally genuine with tight stitching all intact. Ideal for your 7 1/2" barrel Colt SAA or Smith & Wesson Frontier Revolver

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