Original U.S. Army Korean & Vietnam War Field Communications Set: SB-22A/PT Switch Board, TA-312/PT Telephone, MX219 Accessory Set, Transit Chest

Item Description

Original Item: Original Korean War and Vietnam War Era U.S. Signal Corps field communications set offered in very good condition. None of this equipment has been tested by IMA but we were told it is functional. However, we will not guarantee functionality.

The SB-22A/PT Field Telephone manual switchboard is a portable local battery communications switchboard, readily adaptable for all weather field use or mobile and fixed base military shelter operations.

The switchboard has facilities for interconnecting 12 separate voice frequency (VF) circuits. Additionally, the SB22A has provisions to interconnect local battery telephone circuits, VF teletypewriter circuits and to control remote radio equipment.

SB-22A/PT Features include:

• Small, lightweight and durable.
• Essential for all portable telephone switchboard installations.
• Handles up to 12 telephone circuits.
• Tightly-fitting front cover protects from the elements.
• Includes convenient headset microphone.
• Built in accordance with stringent U.S. Military Specifications.
• Can be interconnected with an additional SB-22A for up to 29 VF circuits.
• Equipped for night alarm operation.
• Provisions for conference calling.

Set also includes-

One MX-2915/PT accessory kit containing one trunk jack, two line jacks, and spare signal lamp in original hard carrying case with web strap.

Two TA-312/PT field telephones.

The TA-312 is an analog, 2-wire, battery operated TA-312/PT replaced and will interoperate with the World War II and Korean War EE-8 field phone. The rugged and reliable TA-312 was used from the 1950s through the 1980s before being superseded by the TA-838 analog field phone. TA-312's continue in use throughout the U.S. forces as well as many allied countries.

The TA312 (and the earlier, similar TA-43/PT) may be used in a point-to-point wire system or in any two-wire ring-down subscriber position of a telephone communications system. The Handset H-60 contains a push-to-talk switch which connects power for talking. The TA-312/PT has a built-in Receptacle Connector U-79/U for use with the headset and an associated EXT-INT switch. The TA-43/PT does not have these features.

TA-312 Field Telephone Technical Characteristics

Range wet: Approximately 22.5 km (14 mi) on WD-1/TT (36 dB working limit)

Range dry: Approximately 36.4 km (22 mi) on WD-1/TT (36 dB working limit)

Common Battery Operation Voice transmission and signaling power supplied by switchboard

Local Battery Operation Voice transmission power supplied by two BA-30s, signaling power supplied by a hand-crank generator

Common-Battery Signaling Operation Signaling power supplied by switchboard, voice transmission provided by two BA-30s

Signaling (Outgoing) Hand generated, 90 to 100 V AC, 20 Hz

Signaling (Incoming) Audible tone, adjustable volume

TA-312 Field Telephone Accessories

The TA-312 is supplied with a canvas case that closes with a brass zipper and has a shoulder strap for carrying or hanging the phone. The TA-955 dual tone multifrequency (DTMF) adapter allows push button operational interface with automatic analog switches. The TA-955 Touch Tone pad can be connected to the TA-312 with an integrated coupler and attachment point. The TA-312 also utilizes the G-42 crank generator and BZ3 clacker call signaler. It requires two BA-30 D-cell batteries.

Also, included in the original SB-22A/PT wood transit chest, fully marked.

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