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Original U.S. Amy Issue Vietnam War Era M-34 50 Cap Blasting Machine

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Available. This is an excellent condition Vietnam War Era U.S. Army Issue M-34 Blasting machine, with a 50 cap capacity.  This is a basic demolition tool, and is basically a small handheld generator used to set off the blasting caps for a demolition charge. These were themselves set off by "blasting caps", and this machine can set off up to 50.

It is marked clearly on the side, molded into the plastic:

M - 34
50 CAP

The bottom is marked with stock number USL83G002 - 001, right next to the lanyard loop. The plastic is fully intact, with the only issue being a USA scratched into the back. The blasting lever retainer properly drops off when squeezed, along the lever to fold out and be squeezed again. It feels like it is working but we cannot guarantee functionality, as we have no way to test it.

In great shape, this blasting machine is ready to display!

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