Original U.S. AAF WWII 14th Air Force Rescue Pilot Grouping

Item Description

Original Items: On-of-a-kind set. 1st Lieutenant John Jack E. Cornell was born in Port Huron, Michigan on March 18, 1906. He was assigned to the 14th Air force as a service and rescue pilot in the pacific theatre flying missions over China during WWII.

Including in the MASSIVE grouping are the following:

• Class A service tunic with 14th Air Force shoulder patch, embroidered S Flight Wings, embroidered lieutenants bars, embroidered collar wings, embroidered collar U.S. tabs and the following medal ribbons: Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, and Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal. The tunic is named to Cornell on the inner pocket label and dated 1942.
• Green crush cap size 7 1/4 named to Cornell.
• Lightweight Khaki service shirt with embroidered S Flight Wings patch, 14th AF patch named to Cornell.
• Khaki crush cap size 7 1/4 named to Cornell.
• Leather A2 flight jacket with original lining and functional zipper.
• USAAF Khaki flight cap named to Cornell
• Cloth USAAF flight helmet with electrics and goggles both named to Cornell.
• Cloth USAAF flight helmet named to Cornell.
• 2 x original embroidered CBI patches
• Cloth blood chits with American flag.
• Silk blood chit with Chinese flag.
• Mint silk blood chits with American flag.
• Mint Silk blood chit with Chinese flag.
• Large 1943 dated Machete named to Cornell.
• Kukri
• Leather blackjack named to Cornell.
• Shaving kit with original unopened Barbasol sanitary beard softener, Lifebuoy Shaving Cream, Soap dish with unopened Island Palm Toilet Soap, and a safety razor.
• Eveready flash light named to Cornell.
• ARGUS camera named to Cornell.
• Handheld Microphone T-17-D Army Air Corp Signal Corps.
• Dead Reckoning Computer named to Cornell.
• AAF Cloth Chart of BUIR NOR.
• AAF Cloth Chart NO 34 of South East China.
• AAF Silk Tide Chart
• 2 x pairs of fur lined flying pants.
• 3 x pairs of shoes
• Pair of duck boots
• 2 x U.S. Issue duffle bag named to Cornell
• Hand Painted B-4 Bag named to Cornell

This is Pacific Pilot’s entire service in one grouping the value of the components of the group by themselves equal more than $10,000. Truly an exception grouping of a rescue pilot who served in the Pacific during World War Two!

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