Original U.S. 19th Century Sharps & Hankins Model 3C .32 Short Rimfire 4 Barrel Pepperbox Pistol - Serial 9812

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is exactly what the Mississippi gamblers carried on the River Boats after the Civil War for self protection. Featuring FOUR barrels, each in .32 Short Rimfire that fire individually by way of a single action hammer with a rotating internal firing pin. Easy to conceal due to the size and small "spur" style trigger, these were very popular.

The barrel easily removed by pulling down the button on the left side of the frame and sliding the barrel off forwards for reloading, which also ejects the spent cartridges. The hammer must be in the half-cock position for the barrels to unlock and slide forward. The underside of the barrel is marked with serial number 9812 on the dovetail, which is also marked on the bottom of the grip. This is a all-matching example of the rare Sharps & Hankins Model 3C Pistol, a predecessor to the later Sharps 4A "Bulldog".

The top of the barrel assembly has the correct Sharps & Hankins address, which is mostly clear:


The pistol is also marked on the side of the lower frame:-

JAN. 25. 1859

Overall metal finish is still quite nice, with a lovely patina of age. The bright iron frame has faded a bit to a grayish patina, while the barrel still has a good amount of the original blued finish in the flutes between the barrels. The flat bottom grip is very nice, with two lovely walnut grip scales that look great. They are just a bit loose, as the bottom strap does not quite seat correctly. The rotating internal firing pin works well on this example, and the action works great. The bores on the barrels are all clear, and still have clear lands and grooves, with partly bright finishes.

An interesting stepping stone in 19th Century American firearms. Nice matured condition ready to display.


Year of Manufacture: circa 1863
Caliber:  .32 Short Rimfire
Ammunition Type: Rimfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 3 1/2 inches
Overall Length: 6 1/4 inches
Action: Single
Feed System: 4 Barrel Pepperbox. Rotating Internal Firing Pin.

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