Original U.S. 1892 Parker Brothers 12 Gauge Shotgun GH Grade with Damascus Barrels

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is wonderful condition hammer-less side-by-side double barrel shotgun by renowned American Shotgun maker Parker Brothers of Meriden Connecticut. The condition of the gun is outstanding with mirror bright bores, totally original unturned screws, 100% original parts including the butt plate and stock cap.

This 12 gauge is a grade 2 (GH) with a size 1 frame. The serial number is 68088, which can be clearly seen on the trigger guard, water table, fore-end and barrel lug. The serial number denotes the year of manufacture as 1892. It features a double trigger, fishtail break open lever and fine upgraded Damascus Steel barrels that are in lovely condition with mirror bright bores. Stock has vibrant grain pattern with original finish and shows a few minor dings from use and age. Overall condition of the shotgun is 8+.

Parker Bros., also known at various times as Parker Brothers Manufacturing Company, Parker Brothers Guns, and Parker Bros. Shotguns, was an American firm almost exclusively producing shotguns from approximately 1867 through 1942. During these years, approximately 242,000 guns were produced in various grades and are widely considered the finest and most collectible American shotgun. All Parker Guns are break-open style actions, and most were side-by-side double barreled designs, the remainder being single barrel guns intended for use in trap shooting.

For the first 20+ years of production, Parker Bros. used an exposed hammer design, but by 1888 the first hammer-less guns were offered for sale.

Parker guns were offered in 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 20, 28 and .410 gauges. There is an experimental example known to have been produced in 18 gauge. All else being equal, the smaller the gauge, the more scarce and valuable a Parker gun would be in today's world.

Parker guns were sold at various price points, the basic gun being the same design with the price increasing as production costs (engraving, fit and finish, quality of wood grain, barrel steel, etc.). These grades included: dollars grades, Trojan & VH through A-1 Special/ Invincible.

Parker guns were often seen as the gun of choice by celebrities including Annie Oakley, Frank Butler, Clark Gable, as well as the top ranked competition shooters of the day.

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