Original Tibetan War Helmet Circa 1600

Item Description

Original Item Recovered in 2003 from the palace of Lagan Silekhana, Katmandu Nepal; This is an exceptionally rare primitive War Helmet originating we believe from Tibet deep within in the Himalayan Mountain Range of Central Asia. This helmet shows very early style construction, reminiscent of the Viking headwear, comprised of steel panels riveted together by decorative outer panels, the total surmounted on the top by a decorative finial.

Not designed for use with a helmet liner, instead fabric was wrapped tightly around the wearer’s head with the helmet fitted snugly over. This certainly smacks of Genghis Khan, although he was supposed to have come from a little further north in Mongolia, but the style is closely related. This is clearly an exceptionally old and an extremely rare all original helmet.

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