Original Swedish M1867 Remington Rolling Block Rifle in 12.17×42mm RF dated 1874 - Matching Serial 11505

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Original Item: Only One Available. Here is a Classic European License-made Remington Rolling Block Rifle, Model 1867, in fantastic condition. It looks to have seen next to no use, and any wear is from arsenal storage. This example was manufactured by the government arsenal Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori ("Rifle Factory of Carl Gustaf's town") for the Swedish Army. In 1867 the receivers for these were made from Iron but in 1872 this changed to Case Hardened Steel, such as on this example.

Officially known as the gevär m/1867, the original caliber was 12.17×42mm rimfire and production continued until 1884. Starting in 1889 the rifles on hand were converted to take the new 8×58mmR Danish Krag centerfire cartridge, resulting in the model 1867/89. These would be returned to arsenal, converted and reconditioned. However, this rifle was NOT CONVERTED, and is offered as a very rare example of a rifle in the original rimfire caliber.

Our example is in fantastic condition, showing its original production date of 1874 on the right hand side of the receiver, as well as the right side of both the fore and butt stocks. The receiver and the top of the barrel knoxform have Crown / C markings for the Carl Gustaf arsenal. The receiver, rolling block, triggerguard, hammer, barrel, buttplate, and both stocks all bear serial number 11505, making this a very nice "ALL MATCHING" example. There are also other arsenal markings stamped on the gun, as well as what look to be inspection stamps, making this a fantastic research opportunity.

The receiver still retains almost all of it's original case hardened finish, which we almost never see. The barrel still has much of the original bluing, and the rear sight is present and fully functional. It has had the ranges re-marked, possibly from meters to yards, but we are not sure. All three barrel bands are present, as well as both sling swivels. The bore is virtually unfired, with no issues at all, showing a crisp rifling with a bright finish.

The lovely beech wood stock is light honey in color and the rifle comes with its original 1867 cleaning rod under the barrel. There is an inlet on the left side of the barrel for a unit marking, but it is empty. There is a bit of cracking of the forestock next to the receiver, and the butt stock has some cracking running back from the receiver tang on both sides.

In ideal excellent Collector's condition, a rare unconverted Swedish gevär m/1867, ready to Display!


Year of Manufacture: 1874
Caliber: 12.17×42mm RF
Cartridge Type: Rimfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 37 Inches
Overall Length: 53 Inches
Action type: Rolling Block with Rear Hammer
Feed System: Single Shot

History of the Swedish Remington Rolling Block Rifle:

About 200,000-220,000 military rifles and 7,000 military carbines using the m/1867 action were manufactured as complete weapons in Sweden, 100,000-120,000 rifles and 4,000 carbines by Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori (a government owned arsenal) and 100,000 rifles and 3,000 carbines by Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag. In addition to that 10,000 complete rifles and 20,000 actions made in the US were bought from Remington. The standard rifle received the Swedish designation "gevär m/1867" (and a version with only minor differences the designation "gevär m/1867-68").

Approximately 30,000 Swedish muzzle-loading rifles m/1860 and breech-loading rifles m/1864 (some of which had been converted from m/1860, note that the Swedish breech-loading rifle m/1864 although being referred to as a "kammarladdare" was not the same rifle as the Norwegian Kammerlader) of the same caliber, rifles that were almost new and in most cases had never been used, were also converted to M1867s using rolling-block actions made both by Remington and in Sweden. The Swedish designations for the converted rifles were "gevär m/1860-68", "gevär m/1864-68" and "gevär m/1860-64-68" depending on how many steps of conversion they had gone through (the two latter conversions are easily recognized by having the rear sight very far back, a result of the barrels being shortened from the breech end).

About 7,000 short carbines with the Swedish designation "karbin m/1870" were also made, and in addition to that about 9,600 "gevär m/1864-68" were shortened to carbine length in 1886-87 and given the designation "karbin m/1864-68-85". Other varieties were "gevär m/1867-74" with a new rear stock design and "kammarskjutningsgevär m/1884" and "kammarskjutningskarbin m/1884" in 10.15x61R Jarmann (rifles and carbines primarily used for gallery shooting, that is short range training).

Both M1867's for civilian use and M1867's used by the Swedish Frivilliga Skarpskytterörelsen ("The Volunteer Sharpshooter Movement", patterned on the British Volunteer Force and numbering 40,000 men in 1865, all of them provided with military rifles and wearing military style uniforms by the Swedish armed forces) were made for, or converted to, centerfire 12.17×44mmR cartridges since, unlike the 12.17×42mm rimfire cartridges used in the military, the centerfire cartridges could be reloaded. One model of Swedish military M1867 rifles modified to use the 12.17×44mmR centerfire cartridge was the "gevär m/1867-74".

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