Original Spanish / Philippines Spanish-American War Era Punal Dagger With Scabbard

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Original Item: Only One Available. Now this is a thing of beauty. We are not positive on the location in which is was made, as the Philippines was heavily influenced by the Spanish when it came to weapons. What we do know from other examples we have seen, these are commonly being referred to as a Punal Dagger. Whether this was Filipino made, or leftover from when the Spanish were fighting the Philippines and then it was captured, we are uncertain. It is a beautiful dagger though!

Another example we found was called a Gunong, and they are very similar in appearance. The older Gunongs had straight handles before they moved to the “pistol grip” style. The gunong is a knife from Mindanao and the Visayas islands of the Philippines. In the ancient past, it was called bunong by the Tagalog people. It is essentially a diminutive form of the larger kalis or kris. The gunong serves both as a utility knife and as a thrusting weapon used for close quarter fighting—usually as a last defense. It is most often associated with the Maranao, among whom the gunong was traditionally carried by both sexes, although it exists in other cultures throughout Mindanao and the Visayas. The weapon is generally tucked into the back of a waist sash.

The gunong is one of many bladed weapons portrayed in the "Weapons of Moroland" plaque that has become a common souvenir item and pop culture icon in the Philippines. It is also known as punyal (also known as puñal de kris or kris knife) among Visayans and the Yakan people; and badao among the Lumad people (which also applies to the balarao daggers).

The dagger is in wonderful condition but the blade does show its age. There is minor staining and slight pitting present, but the leaf patterns etched into both sides are still visible. The hilt is silver mounted and features a lovely slightly curved crossguard. The wood scabbard is decorated with silver fittings and has a fixed curved hanger on the back for attachment purposes. There is no extensive damage and the blade itself has a light coating of oil on it from storage.

A beautiful example of an early style fighting knife. Comes more than ready for further research and display.

Blade Length: 8 1/8"
Blade Style: Double Edged Dagger
Overall length: 11 7/8”
Crossguard: 2 7/8”
Scabbard Length: 8 1/2”

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